Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break and Such

Haven't posted here for a while, sorry! ):

I was inspired this last week by my mom who has been "off" extra sugary treats for quite some time, and also while writing my paper on Monsanto for a school research project. (full essay to come!!) So, I have decided to exclude a select number of foods from my diet! I'm not going totally off sugar, but won't be eating candy, ice cream, cakes, breakfast cereals, or pre-made storebought treats. Also, pizza is off, unless homemade (: I was thinking to boycott Tyson, and any "unorganic" meats, but it would be so difficult. Anyways, I'm choosing to eat organic, natural, GMO free, and to support small farms whenever possible! Can't wait to share with you my research paper on Monsanto.

Last night I had Naivit and Zoë over, and we had a blast!! Naivit and I gave Zoë a makeover, and the results were stunning! She let us straigten her hair, and put on eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, and we gave some color to her cheeks (: Pictures to come!! Sleepovers with the bestfriends are always wonderful!

On Tuesday we leave for Yachats-- so fun! It will be great to spend some time just with the family. Then on Friday, it's off to Eugene. Yay!! I'm psyched to be finally able to see grandparents, aunt, uncle, and especially Abigail(: It's gonna be an amazing week- I should probably get packing.... (:


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Thanks for all the great information! :-)

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