Monday, March 7, 2011

Bible Quizzing Results

Well.... Didn't get first place. (: Competition was tight, and everyone studied well for that last meet. I think I ended up with 4th place for the last meet, as well as 4th overall for the year out of about 50. I wasn't too dissapointed— I still got a medal! Anyways, the meet was a LOT of fun! We (Newberg girls) ended up getting to stay at a Bed and Breakfast owned by some that attend the Friends church in Hayden, Idaho. That was really nice. We all had beds with sheets and blankets and had two showers for us to use. We definitely lucked out (: We enjoyed way too many banana chocolate chip muffins by my mom, and tons of pudding and regular chocolate chip cookies throughout the long car rides and during the day.

School was fun today... Principals and counselors from the high school came over to help us forecast for next year, which brought nerves and excitement. I will be in S.I.LV.E.R. (I have yet to learn what this stands for, but it's how "silver" is written on all the papers) school in the fall at NHS, and I am for the most part, excited. It's weird to think about starting high school- when I can still remember going into fifth grade. Life is too fast.

Also, last week after cleaning out Jolee's desk and shopping, my mom and I got new curtains for our room, so hopefully I'll post pictures later. I'm hoping to get a more defined color scheme in our huge room, to really tie the whole space together- from our desks to our beds.


BrynnsJournalReader said...

Congratulations on your 4th place finish - top 10%!! And way too many chocolate chips! I can remember giving you a book about starting middle school. Wasn't that just last year? High school will be a whole new adventure. Love, Grandma Cathy

Brynn said...

Thank you! Yeah, it was a little unhealthy (:

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